Blink Health

Blink Health

With Blink Health, everyone pays the lowest possible price for their medication. The striking lines of drug packaging inspired a visual system that is instantly recognizable, ultimately flexible, and clear.

  • Advertising
  • Art Direction
  • Branding
  • Creative Direction
  • Web Design

Photography: Neal Slavin. Completed with co-founder (2016–2018) Sophie Mascatello.

Identity Design for Blink Health

George & Elaine designed logo image

Advertising Campaign and Graphic Design for Blink Health

We created an advertising system based around expressing the power of group-buying, with photography that is at once humorous and intriguing.

Web Design for Blink Health - Homepage

The design of was an easy application of our flexible design system.

Group Image by Neal Slavin
Blink Health Branded Graphic System - Advertising

Infinitely Scalable— Easily recognizable at any size.

App Design for Blink Health
Social Media Post Design System for Blink health

Social Media Post Designs

Blink Health Branded Billboard Design
Blink Health Branded Billboard Design
Collateral and Packaging Design for Blink Health

Collateral Design

Group Image by Neal Slavin